• “I’ve worked with Karavan several times, both at the Lorem Ipsum Group stage and in Grey, and Biel’s team always works with high quality standards. Their productions are brilliant and their service is fantastic. Working under the pressure of the tight timings imposed on us by everyday events has always been a challenge rather than a problem. The human quality of the whole team is also sensational. We will undoubtedly continue working with them when there is an opportunity.”

    Raúl Gassol – Grey Group

  • “Karavan is a production company that understands the client’s needs and always offers creative solutions.
    They offer a good service and work quickly and the result is high-quality, very professional videos.”

    Cristina Ribó – TNS

  • “Karavan Films is a team of very reliable professionals who you can trust absolutely. Every time I’ve worked with them, which is quite a few, they’ve treated us as if we were the most important client in the world. This is very much appreciated the way things are at the moment.”

    Isaac Montoya – Vertigo Graphix

  • “When at Vertigo Graphix we work on a video production or editing product we always use Karavan Films: I should stress their professionalism and punctuality in delivering projects. An easy company to deal with, with great capacity to apply creative guidelines in an audiovisual format.”

    Esther Diaz – Vertigo Graphix


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